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Merrimack Street Revitalization

Our success comes from our ability to work together to get things done.  When we all unite around a common goal, anything is possible. I am proud to have been a part of downtown revitalization and will continue to work with all stakeholders to expand commercial and residential development on Merrimack Street.  Transformational change to our downtown is happening now and will continue well into the future.  I am a staunch advocate of more market rate housing downtown, as well as new retail and commercial businesses.  Welcome UMASS Lowell and Sal Lupoli, developer of the soon to be "The Heights" of Haverhill, and thank you to you as well as all the good folks who made the new Harbor Place a reality.  I look forward to working with everyone in the future. 

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Parks and Recreation

I am a strong advocate for improving our many parks and recreational facilities.  Whether they be in urban neighborhoods or in the more suburban or rural areas of our community, parks and recreational facilities are the backbone of Haverhill, providing a gathering place to relax, exercise, play sports, learn and explore.

I am member of the Winnekenni Foundation Board of Directors and Vice President of Development and have worked hard to improve Winnekenni Castle and Park.  Many positive changes have taken place and many more are planned for the future.  Last spring I proposed an eleven (11) page plan to improve Winnekenni Park and Plug Pond.  My proposal was received favorably enough in its totality by the Mayor and my fellow councilors, and already some improvements are being made or are about to get underway.  This includes sprucing up the front entrance area of the park, repairing the tennis court surface, repairing the tennis court fence, renovating the bathrooms both at the tennis court and at Plug Pond, and clearing part of the Winnekenni Basin area and placing park benches periodically along the Basin for people to relax and enjoy the beauty that is Winnekenni.   In 2008 I worked with State Representative Brian Dempsey and Senator Steven Baddour on forest management, and they filed a request in the State’s Environmental Bond Bill to give Haverhill $500,000 to implement our forest management plan. 

As a member of the city's Forest Management Committee, I am proud of the work we have done to design and implement a program to clean our trail systems and to promote healthy reforestation.  It is critical that we enhance the Plug Pond recreational facility, and continue to make the necessary improvements to complete Trinity (Haverhill) Stadium and Riverside Park, as well as our many neighborhood parks.  My efforts to improve all our parks and recreational facilities will continue in 2014 and beyond.

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Providing all our children the best possible public education is always in my top two list of overall priorities, along with public safety.  We are fortunate to have the new Hunking School now online as well as a renovated high school and major improvement projects at many of our other schools.  But we still have some challenges with a few remaining schools, particularly Tilton and Greenleaf Schools.  I am a strong supporter of rebuilding Tilton School to make it a state of the art facility like we did at Hunking.  Greenleaf School can not become the long term solution to our kindergarten needs either.  In the current budget I voted in support of increasing the public education budget to address many needs that have been until recently unattainable.  But we can still do much more, and we must do more to ensure that every child has an opportunity to shine during these critical formative learning years.

Both my daughters attended the Haverhill public schools and graduated from Haverhill High School.  My eldest is currently  a social sciences teacher in the Harlem Public School system, and completing her studies at Columbia University's Teachers College where she will graduate next spring with her Masters in Urban Education.  My younger daughter is a Physician Recruiter with the Lahey Hospital Network.  My kids have done very well.  I know I am blessed.  Your kids deserve to do well too.  That's why I still care deeply about the quality of public education and will always work to make it better.

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Affordable Housing for All

Providing all our citizens a decent place to live has always been one of my priorities and concerns.  One of the most important responsibilities I have as City Councilor is reviewing and approving major residential and commercial projects across the city.  These are interesting times for residential housing in Haverhill, with a focus on mixed use projects along the Merrimack River, and with other types of housing construction happening across the city.  I do think it is critically important that we start focusing on more middle income single family housing projects to better balance the composition of our population.

From homeless to high income citizens, at the end of the day everyone deserves a place to rest their heads!

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Developmentally Disabled

Many people are simply unaware of the great contributions the developmentally disabled can and do make to our community and our economy.  As a member of the Board of Directors of Career Resources Corporation m(CRC) I have played a leadership role in ensuring equal opportunities for our developmentally disabled friends, family, and neighbors.  CRC is a leader in serving the disabled community and in recent years has expanded services to Veterans as well.  I am proud to be a part of CRC's leadership team. (Read More)

Public Safety

Public safety is one of two top priorities of mine along with public education.  As our population continues to grow, we need to do the best job possible providing everyone a safe and secure home, neighborhood, and city.  I strongly supported and voted for the additional five police patrol positions in the current budget.  And I am prepared to vote for more resources and personnel in the future for both police and fire.  New fire trucks and apparatus must continue to be addressed as well in future budgets.  Providing top notch public safety services is a critical component to a well managed city.

The needs are great and the challenges are many.  We are very fortunate to have strong leaders at the helm of our public safety departments, and solid hard-working men and women who dedicate their lives to making our city as safe as it can be.  I will continue to be supportive of improvements in public safety efforts which result in making Haverhill as safe and secure as possible. 

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